No COVID-19 Additional Fees!

It has been a long COVID-19 closure and we look forward to welcoming you back into our office starting on June 3rd!  During our 3 month closure, we have spent endless hours getting our office ready for your return.  As you all know, sanitation has always been a top priority for our office and we appreciate all the compliments we have received over the years for maintaining an immaculately clean office.  And as we have now been faced with this pandemic, we have added additional layers of protocols to specifically address COVID-19.

As we prepare for our new way of life, we’ve been working hard these last 3 months to procure all the necessary personal protection equipment, machinery and other supplies that are needed.  The cost to procure all these necessary items due to COVID-19, along with the necessary changes in procedures, is significant and has increased our operating expense dramatically.  Some businesses have closed, and some who continue to operate have decided to impose an additional COVID-19 fee to offset some of their expenses.  We will not do this.  THERE WILL BE NO ADDITIONAL FEES CHARGED BY OUR PRACTICE FOR COVID-19 EXPENSES.

We know that everyone has been faced with many challenges over these last 3 months.  We have all seen sickness, the loss of employment and emotional stress caused by the uncertainty that COVID-19 has created.  It has always been our goal at Associates In Electrology & Advanced Laser Therapy to “help you look and feel your best”.  We will continue to keep our promise by providing exceptional service, in an exceptionally clean environment and without increasing our fees due to COVID-19. 

Working together to diligently protect one another, we look forward to seeing as we reopen our doors with a continued commitment to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

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