Laser Hair Removal: Getting a Trustworthy Evaluation

When it comes to hair removal, each and every client is an individual with specific needs.  What body area will you be treating?  What is the color and texture of the hair growth and what is your skin tone?  Is the hair growth a result of hormonal imbalance, puberty, pregnancy, menopause, or a result of your ethnicity or medication?  How large is the area that will be treated and does the hair growth cover the entire area.  And finally, are you interested in removing 100% of the hair growth or are you comfortable if a small percentage of fine hair growth remains?  Evaluating these factors is essential before moving forward with an effective treatment plan. 

Before each treatment, we will continue to re-evaluate your progress in detail, discussing any possible concerns and/or goals that you may have to insure optimum results.  This evaluation will examine the hair shedding process and skin reaction after your prior treatment.  Once examined, specific energy levels and laser handpiece adjustments will be made according to our evaluation.  We will then determine the optimal timing for the next treatment if needed.  We may even ask that you come in a week before your scheduled appointment so that we have the opportunity to evaluate the amount and texture of your remaining hair growth before going on to the next treatment.  And in some cases we may even recommend that you move forward with some electrolysis treatments to complete the process. 

Great results can only be obtained by moving forward with a trustworthy hair removal practice that will focus on designing a plan that’s best for you and you alone.  This exclusivity, along with your participation and dedication, will give you the results that you’ve always dreamed of!  You are unique, so let’s make your laser treatment all about you!

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