Laser Hair Removal: Why Purchasing a Package Is Not Your Best Option.

No one wants to spend unnecessary money for their laser hair removal.  But buying a package can frequently result in just that – spending unnecessary money.  No one can tell you exactly how many treatments you will need.  So why put out a lot of money up front?  What is most important is getting an honest evaluation for your particular needs and then paying only for the treatments if and when you need them.  No strings attached and no up-front money!  

Although most laser hair removal practices require you to purchase an expensive package before starting with your treatments, we prefer to take a more personalized and affordable approach, requiring that you only pay for each treatment if and as needed. And while many practices prefer to unnecessarily schedule their treatments closer together with the intent on using the package up more quickly, thus requiring additional packages, we space our treatments further apart to make sure that you get the most effective treatment possible.  Our personal approach gives you the opportunity to move forward with a more effective treatment plan that’s perfect for you and you alone.  Finally, it gives us the opportunity to give you fair pricing which will reflect the size of your area that needs to be treated.  This is a much more affordable way to move forward!  After all, you are not like everyone else so why be treated that way? 

So remember, avoid “package deals” that usually wind up not being a good deal for you.  Great results can only be obtained by moving forward with a plan that’s specifically designed for you and you alone.  After all – it’s all about you!

Look for our upcoming Blog on what to look for during a professional evaluation. 

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