Get Perfectly Glowing Skin with Baby Oil

Moisturize with Baby Oil

A woman applying baby oil on her right shoulder with her left hand.

Over the years, I have tried dozens of moisturizers which claim to be the “best anti-aging”, “most advanced”, “deep crease serum”, “glow tonic”, and on and on. Most of these claims also come with a pretty big price tag. Somehow we all seem to believe that if something is more expensive, then it must be better.
I have found that one of the best and most inexpensive moisturizers is already in most of our medicine cabinets!  Baby Oil is one of those products that most would never think of using on a daily basis. If it’s been used on babies for decades, why wouldn’t it be effective on adults?
Baby Oil is is both pure and gentle. Typically, about 98% of baby oil is mineral oil and the remaining 2% is added fragrance. It works wonderfully on all areas of the skin, especially on regions of dry, rough, or scaly skin. It’s also a gentle makeup remover. In addition to being a great moisturizer for people of all ages, it’s extremely inexpensive!
Since Baby Oil can feel extremely greasy when applied directly to your skin, it’s best to apply it to wet skin after showering. The heat from the shower opens the pores, allowing the skin to absorb the oil more effectively. Once you have finished showering, drizzle a small amount of Baby Oil into the palm of your hand and message it into your wet skin. After you have moisturized you entire body, towel off. Your skin will now be glowing and silky smooth! This may become the only body moisturizer that you will ever want to use.

(Note: It’s best to place a towel on the shower floor before applying the Baby Oil as it can make surfaces extremely slippery.)

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