Expect dramatic results with just one laser hair removal treatment!

A woman with her arm above her head, holds a picture with her other arm showing the before hair, and now smooth axila or armpit.

Get smooth, hair free skin!    The results can be amazing!

Did you know that you can have extremely smooth, hair-free skin after just one laser hair removal treatment?  It’s true!  But in order to get dramatic results, you need to keep a few basic things in mind.

Color and thickness of hair:  The most important consideration is the hair color and thickness.  Laser hair removal is only effective on coarse, dark hair.  The laser can only identify the melanin (dark pigment) that’s present in dark coarse hairs, so hairs that lack a sufficient amount of melanin such as blonde, red, white or grey, or extremely fine hairs, will not be seen by the laser.  In this case, electrolysis would be the only effective method of hair removal.

Type of laser:  Laser hair removal should only be performed utilizing a hair removal laser.  Hair removal lasers penetrate deeper into the skin layer, specifically targeting the melanin and root system.  We have found that the Diode laser is the most effective laser for hair removal.  Additionally, the new generation of Diode lasers have been created to be safe and effective on any skin color; a significant improvement from previous laser technology. 

Choosing the best laser hair removal practice:  Choose wisely!  It’s so important to choose the right hair removal practice that we are dedicating the next blog to this topic.  Check back soon!

Timing of the treatments:  Not only is the technology important, but spacing the treatments out properly is equally important.  Treatments should be spaced two to four months apart, depending on the treatment number.  Consistency is key to great results and the treatment timing should not be altered in any way.  Some practices will suggest that you space each treatment out every four to six weeks.  We have found in our practice that this technique can limit the progress as it does not allow ample time for all of the hair to grow in under the skin.

Tanning:  Tanning should be completely avoided until the whole process has been finished.  This should include all types of tanning (tanning bed, spray tan and bronzing or self-tanning lotion).

Prepping for your treatment:  Prior to your treatment, the hair growth must be shaved close to the skin and the skin should be clean from all makeup, lotions, or topical medications  There should be absolutely no waxing or tweezing before, during and after a treatment!

Normal response to your treatment:  After your treatment, the hair should take approximately two to three weeks to fall out.  The skin should now be smooth and relatively hair-free for approximately one month.  At this point, the remaining hair will start to slowly grow in, albeit much thinner and sparser.  With each treatment, hair growth will continue to become finer and sparser until the hair eventually does not grow back.

Just by following these simple guidelines, you can get smooth, hair-free skin in no time!  Enjoy the great results!

Note:  Active hormonal conditions, some medications and darker skin pigment may alter results and time of completion.  


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