Perfectly shaped eyebrows – guidelines for trimming

A close up view of shaped eyebrows on a womans face. The lines are sharp and crisp, and accented by eyeshadow and lashes.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows

I must admit, I just can’t help it.  I get really excited when I see well-groomed and properly shaped eyebrows!  And when electrolysis is performed on someone’s eyebrows, it’s important to always follow the bone structure of their eyes and their facial features to achieve the most beautiful results.  But as we age, our eyebrows seem to take on a life of their own.  Hairs get unruly, grey hairs seem to pop up out of nowhere, and the brows can eventually become a bit sparse.  With these constant changes, it’s important to not give into the temptation to remove too many of the hairs.

One of the biggest questions that I receive is this – Should I trim them?  The answer quite frequently is – Yes.  However when trimming your eyebrows, it’s extremely important that they be trimmed properly, otherwise you can easily end up with a scalped brow.  But if it’s done properly, the results can be stunning!  Just follow these simple steps.

A technician using a small brush and long thin scissors to meticulously sculpt eyebrows.

Trimming your upper eyebrows

  • Using an eyebrow brush, start by brushing the hair on your eyebrows in an upward direction.  Once the hairs have been brushed up, using a small scissors, carefully trim the top wild edges of the eyebrow hairs in a straight line.
A man is getting his eyebrows trimmed by a pair of scissors, adding definition and shape.

Cutting bottom eyebrow hairs

  • Now, brush the hair on your eyebrows in the downward direction.  Carefully trim the lower edges of the the eyebrow hairs the same way as you trimmed the upper eyebrow, being careful not to cut your eyelid.
A pair of eyebrows being trimmed with a pair of scissors. and a comb as a guide.

Eyebrow trimming with comb

  • Finally, brush the hair on your eyebrows into their natural direction/position.  Examine the area to see if there are any unruly hairs that are still present.  If so, using a comb, run the comb over the hairs in the opposite natural direction.  This technique will allow you to see which ones are still long and unruly.  Use the scissors to trim these hairs along the comb.  Keeping the comb in place will keep you from trimming the hairs too short. 

This process can be done as needed.  Doing this on a regular basis will keep your eyebrows looking perfect!

Just a Note:  Eyebrow brushes can be purchased inexpensively at your local pharmacy or drug store. 

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