What is “Laser Hair”?

For most people, laser hair removal is the “go to” method when choosing permanent hair removal. It’s extremely effective with incredible results being seen with just one treatment.  It’s also extremely fast.  A man’s back can be completed in 15 minutes, underarm’s in about 2 minutes, an upper lip in under a minute and the entire legs on most women in less than 30 minutes.

Even though it is the most requested service, it’s not always the best option for some people.  For optimum results, several factors have to be evaluated before moving forward with laser hair removal.  The most important factor is establishing if the hair is “Laser Hair”.  What is laser hair?  The answer is pretty straight forward; “laser hair” is hair that is coarse in texture and dark in color.  The laser energy only “sees” hair that has brown or black pigment deposited in it.  It will not see hair that is red, white, grey or blonde.  And if your brown or black hair is extremely fine in texture, the laser may even have a hard time recognizing the brown or black pigment due to the lack of the hair’s substantial texture.   

So when choosing an effective hair removal method for your individual needs, it’s essential that you first take a look at your hair to see if it’s “laser hair”.  If it is, you can now move forward with finding a reputable laser hair removal practice that uses the most advanced hair removal technology.  And don’t forget to ask a lot of questions during your consultation so that you will feel comfortable before moving forward.  Good luck!

A comparison of thick, coarse "laser hair" and thin/fine "electrolysis hair"


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